Damaged buildings in Chernihiv

War in Ukraine

In late February 2022, Russian forces attacked multiple cities across Ukraine, leading to full-scale war.

The intense fighting has led to eight million people leaving Ukraine and becoming refugees in Europe.* Within Ukraine, over 5.3 million people remain displaced by the war.**

As war continues across Ukraine and people flee, our teams are responding to a severe humanitarian crisis, both in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

We currently have approximately 124 international and 686 Ukrainian staff working in response to the war in Ukraine. They work as medical staff (surgeons, doctors, nurses); psychologists; logisticians and administrators.

*United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, February 2023
**International Organization for Migration, January 2023

How we are responding


Hospital on rails

MSF/Andrii Ovod
Evacuation train in Kyiv

One year of emergency healthcare in war-torn Kharkiv 

Project Update 8 May 2023
Ukraine Re-Taken Areas
War in Ukraine

Occupation and destruction of medical structures severely impede access to healthcare

Press Release 23 Mar 2023
Missile attack on a residential building in Zaporizhzhia
War in Ukraine

MSF teams treating patients after missile attack on residential building in Zaporizhzhia

Press Release 2 Mar 2023
MSF mobile clinics in the scene of the Dnipro attack

MSF helps survivors of Dnipro blast

Project Update 16 Jan 2023
Patients waiting for MSF mobile clinic primary and mental health care consultations

Absence of medical care for the elderly caught between the frontlines

Project Update 2 Dec 2022
Physiotherapy in Kyiv
War in Ukraine

Providing physiotherapy for the war-wounded in Ukraine

Project Update 4 Nov 2022

Providing care to displaced people in Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia

Project Update 20 Oct 2022
MSF evacuation train in Kyiv

Over 200 psychiatric patients evacuated from overcrowded hospital in Kharkiv

Project Update 29 Sep 2022
Humanitarian Action’s Dr Olga talking to the patients

Supporting people displaced by the conflict in Ukraine to Russia

Project Update 20 Sep 2022
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