MSF Response Measles Vaccination (Am Timan District)
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MSF-supported Al-Jamhouri Hospital | Antenatal Consultation

Eight years of war create perfect storm for humanitarian crisis 

Voices from the Field 31 Mar 2023

Pharmaceutical company ViiV must provide transparency on HIV prevention drug

Press Release 30 Mar 2023
MSF Mobile Activities in Pirot, Serbia

EU must increase scrutiny on border force activities in Balkan countries

Press Release 28 Mar 2023
Mobile clinic in the South Omo zone

People in Omo Valley at high risk to kala azar 

Project Update 28 Mar 2023
Providing healthcare among the rubble in Jindires
Türkiye and Syria earthquake response

Northwest Syria: Providing healthcare amongst the rubble in Jindires

Project Update 27 Mar 2023
Cyclone Freddy in Malawi

People cut off from healthcare after cyclone Freddy batters Malawi

Project Update 24 Mar 2023
Ukraine Re-Taken Areas
War in Ukraine

Between Enemy Lines: The destruction of healthcare in Ukraine 23 Mar 2023
Ukraine Re-Taken Areas
War in Ukraine

Occupation and destruction of medical structures severely impede access to healthcare

Press Release 23 Mar 2023
SMARRTT Out Patient | Maria Story

New safer and shorter drug-resistant TB treatment must be scaled up

Press Release 22 Mar 2023
CAR, 10 years of violence/Adapting/Louison
Central African Republic

Ten years of atrocities and violence in Central African Republic 

Project Update 20 Mar 2023
MSF denounces the severe lack of shelter and support for migrants abandoned in Assamaka

MSF condemns appalling conditions for migrants abandoned in Assamaka

Press Release 16 Mar 2023
Malnutrition emergency: mobile clinic in Ranobe
Natural disasters

Immediate medical needs in Malawi after cyclone Freddy hits southern region

Press Release 14 Mar 2023
Animal-assisted therapy

Providing animal-assisted psychological support to victims of violence in Mexico

Project Update 14 Mar 2023
Malatya, Türkiye, after earthquakes
Türkiye and Syria earthquake response

Surviving among the rubble: Syria and Türkiye one month on

Interview 9 Mar 2023
3 March 2023 - Elevated number of bullet wounded patients at Turgeau

Violent clashes force temporary closure of MSF hospital in Cité Soleil

Press Release 9 Mar 2023
MSF support to Abs Hospital

Abs hospital overwhelmed as medical needs surge

Press Release 9 Mar 2023
Rotation 24 Rescue 1
Mediterranean migration

Appeal lodged against illegitimate detention of MSF rescue ship

Press Release 7 Mar 2023
General - Tales of Women at Sea
International Women's Day

Tales of women at sea

Voices from the Field 7 Mar 2023
Missile attack on a residential building in Zaporizhzhia
War in Ukraine

MSF teams treating patients after missile attack on residential building in Zaporizhzhia

Press Release 2 Mar 2023
Marvellous Nzenza with her mother Jacqueline and MSF social worker Relative Chitungo
International Women's Day

Overcoming taboos to ensure women's sexual health

Project Update 2 Mar 2023
MSF Japan GD's Visit to Bangladesh
Rohingya refugee crisis

Cuts to refugees’ food rations will have severe health impact

Press Release 2 Mar 2023
MSF collaborates with local NGOs to support vulnerable groups during the Omicron wave in Hong Kong
Epidemics and pandemics

MSF statement on WHO negotiating body meeting on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

Speech 28 Feb 2023
Malnutrition emergency: mobile clinic in Ranobe

Over 60 people killed in Crotone shipwreck

Press Release 28 Feb 2023
MSF Response to bullet wounded patients - Tabarre

MSF activities in Haiti under threat after series of security incidents

Press Release 25 Feb 2023
MSF Logistique - Bordeaux
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