East Aleppo

Attacks on medical care

Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and more; health facilities have been attacked, looted and destroyed.

Patients have been killed in their beds; health workers have been attacked as they rescued the wounded. A hospital is where the most vulnerable, the sick and injured, gather in times of war. Attacks against medical facilities and health workers, whether deliberate or indiscriminate, are part of generalised violence and atrocities committed against civilians in armed conflict. They deprive people of health services, often when they need them the most.

Conflict in Sudan
Conflict in Sudan

MSF facilities looted, medical activities impeded by violence in Sudan

Press Release 23 May 2023
Emergency Surgical Team at Bashair Hospital Khartoum, Sudan
Conflict in Sudan

Five things to know about the violence in El Geneina, Sudan

Project Update 18 May 2023
Aerial view landing in capital El Geneina.

MSF-supported hospital looted in West Darfur amidst conflict

Statement 28 Apr 2023
MSF Response to bullet wounded patients - Tabarre

MSF activities in Haiti under threat after series of security incidents

Press Release 25 Feb 2023
Kreinik: Access to healthcare for conflict affected communities

Bringing healthcare back to conflict-stricken communities in Sudan

Voices from the Field 24 Feb 2023
South Sudan - MSF hospital in Agok
Burkina Faso

MSF condemns the brutal and deliberate killing of two staff in Burkina Faso

Press Release 9 Feb 2023
 MSF Response to bullet wounded patients - Tabarre

MSF forced to suspend activities in Haiti hospital after armed men kill patient

Press Release 27 Jan 2023
Mamfe District Hospital

MSF condemns attack on Mamfe hospital in Southwest region

Press Release 9 Jun 2022
Conflict in West Darfur

Violent attacks leave tens of thousands without access to healthcare in West Darfur

Project Update 29 Apr 2022
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