East Aleppo

Attacks on medical care

Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and more; health facilities have been attacked, looted and destroyed.

Patients have been killed in their beds; health workers have been attacked as they rescued the wounded. A hospital is where the most vulnerable, the sick and injured, gather in times of war. Attacks against medical facilities and health workers, whether deliberate or indiscriminate, are part of generalised violence and atrocities committed against civilians in armed conflict. They deprive people of health services, often when they need them the most.

MSF in Al Dhale and Taiz, Yemen. July 2015

MSF suspends activities after attack in Ad Dhale

Statement 2 Oct 2018
MSF hospital in Doro refugee camp
South Sudan

MSF suspends the majority of medical activities in Maban area after a violent attack

Statement 24 Jul 2018
Destroyed Ambulances in East Ghouta, Syria

Extraordinary mass-casualty influxes in East Ghouta as hospitals run short of life-saving medicines

Press Release 21 Feb 2018
Christelle Story - Batangafo
Central African Republic

Attacks on medical facilities leave people without options

Project Update 30 Jan 2018

MSF-supported hospital in Idlib closed after damage from airstrikes

Statement 29 Jan 2018
Al Gamhouri hospital in Hajjah city, damaged by airstrike

Intense fighting and blockade further reduce access to healthcare

Press Release 6 Dec 2017
Mental Healthcare in Mweso
Democratic Republic of Congo

MSF strongly condemns violent robbery of compound in North Kivu

Project Update 4 Dec 2017
Destroyed Ambulances in East Ghouta, Syria

Medical services stretched beyond limit after shelling in East Ghouta

Statement 27 Nov 2017
Central African Republic

MSF suspends humanitarian relief activities following attack in Bangassou

Press Release 22 Nov 2017
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